Saturday, October 23, 2010

Solemnization #9 - Garden Wedding Deco Ideas Part 1

Wow!! Other than flowers, I didn't know there are other things that can be used for deco!

Item 1: Latterns

Butterflies and latterns - perfect for the garden wedding!

Pretty bejewelled paper lattern

Item 2: Candles

Jelly jar lanterns

Bamboo candle centerpieces

Tinted vase candles

Chic and gorgeous!

Candle and petals along aisle

Candle and petals along aisle part 2

Candles and seashells

Item 3: Balloons

Magical balloon clouds

 Colorful balloons

Balloons along aisle - simple and elegant!

Tiffany colored balloons
Imagine many balloons floating above Sentosa? Hmm...

White and dreamy

Big bright balloons :)

White floating balloons

So cute!!!

Colorful hot air balloon

Rainie and balloons
Was googling for balloon deco, somehow this pic appeared. hehe..

Item 4: Butterflies

Whimsical glittery butterfly tree

Item 5: Candies

Old-fashioned candy-filled party "crackers" to use as place cards

Item 6: Bottles

Wine bottle centrepiece

Plastic bottle art by Designer Michelle Brand


Blooming tea cup

Item 7: Fabrics



Item 9: Birdcage

Looks romantic ;)

Vintage birdcage decor

Item 10: Bulb

Ice Bulb Curtain

Hanging light bulb vases

Botanical lightbulb place card

Item 12: Windmill

Pots of windmills - happy and carefree feel :)

Item 13: Feathers

Feather bouquet to decorate the aisle

I thought this looks REALLY gorgeous!


Item 14: Crystals

Crystal tree

Crystal tree part 2 - Bling!

Elegant crystal bouquet

But.... all these deco seems like a hassle for us... haha..
ok, we are lazy bums.. hmm.. hee..
just to share all these creative ideas :)

Toast! ;p


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