Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Little Twinkle #7 - Baby, you are my sunshine!

On the saturday that just past, Little Twinkle went for her first audition at the PS Baby Competition. There were sooooo many babies and parents, even though we were given 1.45pm slot but we still have to wait for maybe about 45 mins - to register, then queue for her photo to be taken.

The theme is "Most Sunshine Baby", and this is what she was wearing that day. Haha... given we thought it's just for fun activity, we only started looking for clothes to match the theme at the very last minute. We managed to find her hair accessory just the night before because Cecilia kept emphasizing on "accessorize accessorize"!!! haha...

Nevertheless, Little Twinkle didn't give her sunshine smile when she was on the stage. :( Every participant only had few minutes in front of the camera, then the photographer will try to get the baby's best shot. MNG went up the stage with Little Twinkle but didn't manage to make her smile. She was busy looking at both the photographer and coordinator warily. In the end, the coordinator did manage to make her smile briefly when she threw the colourful ball to Little Twinkle but our guess is that the photographer didn't manage to capture that. Oh well, it's an experience for all 3 of us too! :)

Daddy's sweetheart having her princess treatment and still unsure of what's going on...
Daddy very focused on dolling up Little Twinkle, but of course Mummy did the final touch ;p
Happily walking into the "battle ground"
Having a proper formal shot before the real audition
Dancing to the nursery rhymes

Daddy, where are you?? 
On a side note, daddy's lil girl is gradually showing her 前世小情人本色. Yesterday we were shopping at IMM for her winter wear (as we are travelling to He Huan Shan in Taiwan and heard the temperature is about 3-6 degree celsius). It was past her sleeping time and she was constantly rubbing her eyes and looking real tired. MNG was carrying her so that she could lie on daddy's chest to sleep, but she was kept awake with all the activities around her. Worried that she might throw a tantrum again if she got overtired, so i tried to persuade her to sleep....i placed my head against MNG's chest and said to Little Twinkle "if you don't want to sleep, mummy will sleep on daddy's chest." Without thinking, she quickly pushed my head off daddy's chest and hug daddy indicating that daddy is all hers. So i  tried several more times to place my head on MNG's chest and every time she quickly pushed my head off daddy's chest again and quickly hug daddy to herself. Haha... indeed 前世小情人本色 manz! There's no more room for 今世情人already... LOL


Sensory Play for 1 Year Old #1: Empty Bottles

This was unintentional - we were drinking yakult and Little Twinkle insists / whines to have the yakult bottles, so I decided to wash the empty yakult bottles and let her play with it.

And Little Twinkle managed to play with the empty yakult bottles for a good 40 minutes! Impressive! I didn't expect empty bottles can be so attractive to a 1 year old. And this will help us reduce some expenses on buying toys *ka-ching* :))))

let me test whether it's hot
see my finger skills!
let's see what lobster can do to it
I wonder what is the effect if I knock them together
let me try the taste...
how about blowing??
look mama, i can support with my mouth alone!

hmm...what else can i do??
mama, how about you try it out for me?
I continued to take photos when she wanted to pass me the empty bottles. So she stand up and walks towards me and camera. Oh oh... 

mama, help me with the bottles

After this intriguing (to her) play experience, I enthusiastically told our helper to keep different shapes and sizes of the clear bottles we used going forward. Since Little Twinkle is so interested with bottles at this stage, we will collect the bottles and rotate them for her to play with (and saves money from buying new toys! hahahah).We did the same thing 2 days ago and filled up an empty bottle with colourful peddles which Little Twinkle really likes much.

Just googled and realised there are many things that people used to fill into empty bottles for baby/toddler to play with!  This is so cool! Such discovery bottle toys can easily be recycled from materials around the house which is cheap and easy to make!

Some DIY sensory discovery bottles inspirations:
1. Water with brightly coloured Hama beads - for noise, color and movement
Credit: fun-a-day.com
Beads with water. Credit: The Imagination Tree
2. Ripped pieces of tin foil - for gentle, slow movement and reflection of light
Tin foil. Credit: The Imagination Tree

3. Colored water mixed with 1cm of vegetable/baby oil - for mixing and separation of liquids
Colored water with baby oil. Credit: Modern Parents Messy Kids 
Colored waters with oil. Credit: Play-trains.com
4. Brightly colored bottles - for visual interest

Credit: familylicious.com
Credit: familylicious.com

Coloured bottles - for visual interest. Credit: Plain Vanilla Mom
5. Blue water and a variety of sea shells - for gentle sounds and interesting objects to examine
Credit: fun-a-day.com
Credit: bhoomplay.wordpress.com
Blue water with sea shells. Credit: childhood101.com
6. Water, plastic crystals and a large amount of silver glitter - for noise and beautiful movement 
Credit: thebestjobintheworld-mummyhughesy.blogspot.com.au
Credit: artsyants.com
Glitter with water. Credit: modernparentsmessykids.com
7. Colored water with a large squirt of dish soap - for shaking and creating bubbles
Credit: play-trains.com
Credit: familylicious.com
8. Mixture of poms poms in various colours and sizes - for visual stimulation and early maths concepts
poms poms. credit: pinkpistachio.com
9. Colored shaped buttons - for fabulous noise and exciting colors.
Credit: innerchildfun.com
10. Multi-coloured dry rice or pasta - for fabulous shaky noise

Credit: messforless.net
Credit: organicaspirations.blogspot.sg

11. Coloured water with alka seltzer - for visual stimulation and beautiful movement
Credit: jugglingwithkids.com
11. Animal toy and shredded paper - lots of shaking for animal to appear
Credit: pre-schoolplay.blogspot.sg