Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pure Indulgence~

This is a very delayed post. Sorry! Oops.. hee
There are many photos, thus i have summarised them here. hehe :)
*hint hint* talking about delay, someone still owes me photos lor... ;p

Somehow from the pics, i felt that the mood gets more high and crazy as time passed (aka more alcohol consumed)? haha

I told myself i must rem to post this pic... hehe
There's a story behind these 3 cups!!

One is green tea mixed with chivas, 
2nd is plain water (but we secretly add tiny weeny drop of chivas),
third is coke (also secretly add with lil chivas).

BUT, no matter how we camouflaged, one member just refuse to drink alcohol
while the rest of us drank alcohol mix as punishment to the games.
Hehe... identity i shall not disclose. but hint is only drink mineral water. ;p

It was a nice gathering! Thanks ya all! *)

(p.s: can someone kindly remind me whether did i promise not to post photos on fb??
alcohol overdose makes me forget. if not, photos shld be up soon.)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Solemnization #10 - Food tasting @ Suburbia Sentosa!

We went for food tasting just now!
Nice food! 
We love... hmm... maybe except for the soups.
Have asked to change, hope the restaurant will agree.

Sneak preview of selected dishes for my guests :)

And lucky us, we managed to see this... gorgeous!!!

There are many peacocks loitering near the Suburbia restaurant. Beautiful :)

Trying to chase after peacock! *Grin*

The food-tasting gang & the famous ficus tree!!!

Toast to nice wine and food!! :)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tough decision :(

I'm trying to reach a decision now...

Some of you may know that my dog JJ has an accident in Jul this year,
resulting in a rather serious injury in her right eye. :(

I was faced with the decision then to either:
1) Remove her right eye ball
2) Stitch up her right eye and hope that the eye will recover

Of course i chose the 2nd option then. It's a chance!
Thereafter when vet took down the stitches,
we were really really RELIEVED to know that it's a SUCCESS!
And although her right eye will be permanently blind, but the eye ball is still intact.

However, subsequently after few months...
her condition seems to destabilise...
We brought her to the vet on sat.

This time, Vet said i have to make a decision to either:
1) Remove her right eye ball (Enucleation surgery)
2)  Remove the content of her right eye ball and replace with a silicon aka fake eye ball
(Intrascleral Prosthesis surgery)

Option 1:
Pro - less complications
Con - the right eye lid will be permanently sewn shut

Option 2:
Pro - she will still has 2 eye ball
Con - more complications. If her condition turns bad again, in the end she STILL has to perform the remove eye ball surgery after going though so much.

Vet advised that both surgeries will be EQUALLY PAINFUL to JJ.

This time, I'm lost....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Heart skip a bit

We just filed our notice of marriage last night. Here's the link.
No turning back? Haha..


Nervous, awaiting an answer.
God bless...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Solemnization #9 - Garden Wedding Deco Ideas Part 1

Wow!! Other than flowers, I didn't know there are other things that can be used for deco!

Item 1: Latterns

Butterflies and latterns - perfect for the garden wedding!
(Credit: weddingbee.com)

Pretty bejewelled paper lattern

Item 2: Candles

Jelly jar lanterns
(Credit: weddingbee.com)

Bamboo candle centerpieces
(Credit: weddingbee.com)

Tinted vase candles
(Credit: weddingbee.com)

Chic and gorgeous!

Candle and petals along aisle

Candle and petals along aisle part 2
(Credit: bravobride.com)

Candles and seashells

Item 3: Balloons

Magical balloon clouds

 Colorful balloons

Balloons along aisle - simple and elegant!

Tiffany colored balloons
Imagine many balloons floating above Sentosa? Hmm...

White and dreamy

Big bright balloons :)

White floating balloons

So cute!!!
(Credit: istockphoto.com)

Colorful hot air balloon

Rainie and balloons
Was googling for balloon deco, somehow this pic appeared. hehe..
(Credit: yldt.com)

Item 4: Butterflies

Whimsical glittery butterfly tree

Item 5: Candies

Old-fashioned candy-filled party "crackers" to use as place cards

Item 6: Bottles

Wine bottle centrepiece

Plastic bottle art by Designer Michelle Brand

(Credit: bunchesofbliss.com)

Blooming tea cup
(Credit: ruffledblog.com)

Item 7: Fabrics

(Credit: shibawi.com)

(Credit: shibawi.com)

Item 9: Birdcage

Looks romantic ;)

Vintage birdcage decor

Item 10: Bulb

Ice Bulb Curtain
(Credit: theknot.com)

Hanging light bulb vases

Botanical lightbulb place card
(Credit: ruffledblog.com)

Item 12: Windmill

Pots of windmills - happy and carefree feel :)

Item 13: Feathers

Feather bouquet to decorate the aisle

I thought this looks REALLY gorgeous!


Item 14: Crystals

Crystal tree

Crystal tree part 2 - Bling!

Elegant crystal bouquet

But.... all these deco seems like a hassle for us... haha..
ok, we are lazy bums.. hmm.. hee..
just to share all these creative ideas :)

Toast! ;p