Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tough decision :(

I'm trying to reach a decision now...

Some of you may know that my dog JJ has an accident in Jul this year,
resulting in a rather serious injury in her right eye. :(

I was faced with the decision then to either:
1) Remove her right eye ball
2) Stitch up her right eye and hope that the eye will recover

Of course i chose the 2nd option then. It's a chance!
Thereafter when vet took down the stitches,
we were really really RELIEVED to know that it's a SUCCESS!
And although her right eye will be permanently blind, but the eye ball is still intact.

However, subsequently after few months...
her condition seems to destabilise...
We brought her to the vet on sat.

This time, Vet said i have to make a decision to either:
1) Remove her right eye ball (Enucleation surgery)
2)  Remove the content of her right eye ball and replace with a silicon aka fake eye ball
(Intrascleral Prosthesis surgery)

Option 1:
Pro - less complications
Con - the right eye lid will be permanently sewn shut

Option 2:
Pro - she will still has 2 eye ball
Con - more complications. If her condition turns bad again, in the end she STILL has to perform the remove eye ball surgery after going though so much.

Vet advised that both surgeries will be EQUALLY PAINFUL to JJ.

This time, I'm lost....

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