Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wedding #6 - Pre-Wedding Photo Teaser

We just finished our pre-wedding photos selection last week!
hehe... happy with the outcome!

Here's the teaser :)

I must admit I was quite reluctant to have the pre-wedding photoshoot initially,
(p.s: 'Mr Nice Guy' said this is an understatement. I was ULTRA reluctant. Haha)
concluding it was a waste of time and money.
Few thousands dollar spent on a wedding album which will eventually collect dust on my bookshelf.
That was my most inner truthful thought...
 even up to the day of photoshoot. Haha...
In fact, I was SUPER grouchy and 'black-faced' on the day of photoshoot.

On hindsight, I'm now glad that 'Mr Nice Guy' insisted on having the shoot.
Haha.. ladies do change their mind fast. ;p
It's actually an interesting experience.
And very memorable too!
It's our first time taking shoot with horse too! 
And the horse was very charming, but kind of more sulky than I was. Haha 
I'm sure we will still have nice memories about this shoot when we are old. :)
So... Ladies who have the same thinking like mine, do go for the pre-wedding shoot.
You won't regret it, it's a memorable experience I promise. :)

And one proud thing is...
We did not succumb to the sales talk of topping up money to buy the ultra expensive photos.
I felt sorry for the salesgirl though...
She really tried her very best to ask us to buy more photos. 


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wedding #5 - Paw Buddy Shines like Star too! :)

After a very long break (oops hehe),
decided to take some time to blog again!
hehe I'm just sooo hardworking! (like real.. haha)

So...My beloved paw buddy JJ needs a sweet dress for my wedding day too!
And I have some AMAZING discoveries after googling!

Doggies have GORGEOUS wedding dresses too!
Here are some:

This is way soooooooo sweet! loves loves the colour..

I heart tutu dress! Yipeeee!

lacey wedding dress!
white and pink goes well too!

hot and chic!

This one is very classy! Looks like a royalty!

Suitable for high tea party! haha

Another sweet pink with tulle and floral details!

Japanese style dress!

Hehe... Guess which dress JJ is going to wear on my actual day?
Look out for fashionable JJ on that day ya! haha... :)


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wedding #4 - We heart firefighter!

This is one of the photos we've received from a recent trial studio photoshoot.
Finally posted! :) After promising a few friends that i would post very soon... Hee.. Sorry!

As this was our first studio photoshoot, we did not know what to expect and left all the decisions to the image consultant (On a side note, he's pretty good looking. ;p). And he said "I have a GREAT image for both of you!". Next thing we know, he came with 2 fire fighter uniforms (Yes, they provided all the costumes even shoes). This was rather refreshing to both of us i would say. Thought he would dress us up as princess and prince or those lifestyle shots.

 The photographer uncle was very professional and endearing too! He would tell us what to do and was very encouraging such as "Yes yes, this is what i want... Veryyy good!" etc. Many fun and laughter during the shoot. No stress at all which was simply amazing!

Overall, we felt...
Firefighter is an extremmmely exciting job! *blush* :)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding #3 - Party Venue Decided x Sheraton Towers

We have DECIDED!

The GRAND PARTY will be held at....(drumrolls)...
 Sheraton Towers Singapore! :)

Sheraton Towers Singapore

Sheraton Towers Singapore


Sheraton Towers Level 1

The Atrium @ Sheraton Towers

Sheraton Towers Lobby

The Grand Staircase @ Sheraton Towers Lobby


Sheraton Towers Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom @ Sheraton Towers Lobby

Cocktail Reception Area @ Sheraton Towers Lobby


Sheraton Towers Poolside

Outdoor Solemization // The Pool @ Sheraton Towers

The Pool @ Sheraton Towers


Sheraton Towers Waterfall

Garden Solemization // The Waterfall @ Sheraton Towers

This garden setting looks magical to me :)

The Waterfall @ Sheraton Towers


Sheraton Towers The Dining Room

Online reviews of The Dining Room:,,
The food pics in the reviews seem delicious. :)
One can also enjoy the romantic and serene ambience with its cascading waterfalls while dining. 


Sheraton Towers Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant @ Sheraton Towers

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant @ Sheraton Towers

Online reviews of Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant:,
Li Bai is an award-winning restaurant.
We heard many people rave favourably about this restaurant.
This is also part of the reason why we chose this hotel.
Can't wait to taste the yummy food! Yipee! :)


Sheraton Towers DOMVS The Italian Restaurant

D.O.M.V.S The Italian Restaurant @ Sheraton Towers

Celebrity Room D.O.M.V.S The Italian Restaurant @ Sheraton Towers

Online review of D.O.M.V.S The Italian Restaurant:
DOMVS, which means 'home' in Latin,
has built up a reputation of being a grande dame of Italian dining in Singapore over two decades. 
The decor looks amazing!


We are REALLY really glad that we have finally decided our venue.
In case anyone may be interested, below are the pros and con of this venue to share.

1. Huge and gorgeous grand ballroom 
     - can accomodate up to 400 guests, high ceiling and nice decor
2. Warm and sincere service
    - the best wedding co-ordinator we met, provides wonderful advice
    - flexible; doesn't say no immediately as he will try to ask for us
    - reliable; replies promptly to all our queries even the silly ones
3. Strongly recommended food from award winning Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant
4. Convenient location
    - beside Newton MRT
    - centrally located (very near to Orchard - our overseas guests can go shopping!)
5. Complimentary live feed
   - live feed of what's happening on stage, we thought that was quite cool!

1. Ballroom has a section with slightly lower ceiling
   - we tested and felt ok, view of the stage was not obstructed :)


Monday, February 28, 2011

Wedding Banquet #2 - More details ironed out for a Sweet Afternoon Affair

Thumb of rule - They said you have to involve parents in the banquet planning...

Detail #1
After a really lengthy discussion with parents,
we have decided to hold our banquet in the noon,
to cater to the convenience and needs of my overseas relatives.
So everyone would be happy with a radiant smile. :)

To all our dear friends, kindly leave ur noon free for us please.
We are going to have a sweet afternoon celebration!

Detail #2
As we have some rather senior guests,
we need to charter a coach / bus to send them to and fro.
Anyone with lobang for bus chartering, kindly let us know please.

Detail #3
After some 'intimidating' encounters with bridal shops at wedding fair
 where they just refuse to let u go if u did not sign on their package,
(a taiwan BS even used the tactic of making us guilty saying that we "did not give face" etc)
we have finally signed our bridal studio package!
Hehe, we actually started searching only this week. *blush*
It's with SG Bridal House.
We were initially keen with WhiteLink.
It's more of a "We are tired, let just settle it fast" manner,
not that it's superior over the other BSs since we visited merely 3.
Sheryl and Huimin, we are impulsive again. Haha... Oops.
But we were not alone, 'Mr Nice Guy' parents were with us.
So hopefully it was a 'good' deal.
We like this photo below, pray that ours be as good or better. Hee...

Update #4
Met Ben & wife, Sylvia and Jason for chillout,
they and our other friends have shared good insights about hotels,
hopefully the venue would be settled by next weekend.

Yipee, after that we can take a rest from the challenging banquet planning.
Oh ya, we need to work on our diet plan too!
'Mr Nice Guy' said he's really really determined... ;p


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wedding Banquet #1 - Auspicious dates out!

We went to the same lady geomancer yesterday.
After a month of procastination,
Our auspicious dates for the wedding banquet are finally out!

We are supposed to start our wedding banquet preps RIGHT AFTER our ROM.
BUT.... haha...

Sadly, the date that we want - 1 Jan 2012 - is not a good wedding date for us.
Sooooo... disappointed.
We wanted it to be the same date as our ROM.
Well, no choice then.

We are given a list of dates.
So now we will have to find hotels that will be available on these dates.
First step into our preps! Yipee!
Will update you guys on the final date when confirmed.
Stay tuned!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Solemnization #12 - Teaser

Only gotta few photos from the official photographer.
Love this photo.. coz I'm being served! haha :)
Can't wait for the other photos to be out!!!


Solemnization #11 - Behind the Scene Part 1

We were very busy (super!) with the last min preps last month,
thus hasn't time to post updates.
Some photos are still in 'Mr Nice Guy's camera.
Here's the recap. :)

Pic above: Discussing with our talented Music Director Shan.

Experienced one leh. Ex-Music IC/Leader for our JC Drama Team. ;p
My guests can vouch for the wonderful music during our ROM right? ;)

Pic above: Our cream of the crop selection!

"From this moment" was strongly voted by 'Mr Nice Guy' and our Music Director,
though with equally strong opinions from some guests/friends ;)

Pic above: Doing the flower balls with our Creative Director!

Our fantastic Creative Director gave wonderful easy-to-follow instructions,
even for artistically-deficient me! Hehe :)

Pic above: Expert at work

Pic above: Ta-dah! Witness her magic at work :)

Pic above: 'Mr Nice Guy' working on the wishing board. Very serious huh?

Pic above: Shara with the finished work of 'Mr Nice Guy'.

This was the first version wishing board,
which later been improvised because the border made of paper became crumpled and ugly after a while.

Pic above: Our Creative Director and me posing with the finished works of the day!

We are thankful that we are blessed with wonderful and helpful family and friends.
Thanks to everyone who has lent a helping hand or gave us words of advice/ideas.
Really appreciates alot!