Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Solemnization #11 - Behind the Scene Part 1

We were very busy (super!) with the last min preps last month,
thus hasn't time to post updates.
Some photos are still in 'Mr Nice Guy's camera.
Here's the recap. :)

Pic above: Discussing with our talented Music Director Shan.

Experienced one leh. Ex-Music IC/Leader for our JC Drama Team. ;p
My guests can vouch for the wonderful music during our ROM right? ;)

Pic above: Our cream of the crop selection!

"From this moment" was strongly voted by 'Mr Nice Guy' and our Music Director,
though with equally strong opinions from some guests/friends ;)

Pic above: Doing the flower balls with our Creative Director!

Our fantastic Creative Director gave wonderful easy-to-follow instructions,
even for artistically-deficient me! Hehe :)

Pic above: Expert at work

Pic above: Ta-dah! Witness her magic at work :)

Pic above: 'Mr Nice Guy' working on the wishing board. Very serious huh?

Pic above: Shara with the finished work of 'Mr Nice Guy'.

This was the first version wishing board,
which later been improvised because the border made of paper became crumpled and ugly after a while.

Pic above: Our Creative Director and me posing with the finished works of the day!

We are thankful that we are blessed with wonderful and helpful family and friends.
Thanks to everyone who has lent a helping hand or gave us words of advice/ideas.
Really appreciates alot!


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