Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pure Indulgence~

This is a very delayed post. Sorry! Oops.. hee
There are many photos, thus i have summarised them here. hehe :)
*hint hint* talking about delay, someone still owes me photos lor... ;p

Somehow from the pics, i felt that the mood gets more high and crazy as time passed (aka more alcohol consumed)? haha

I told myself i must rem to post this pic... hehe
There's a story behind these 3 cups!!

One is green tea mixed with chivas, 
2nd is plain water (but we secretly add tiny weeny drop of chivas),
third is coke (also secretly add with lil chivas).

BUT, no matter how we camouflaged, one member just refuse to drink alcohol
while the rest of us drank alcohol mix as punishment to the games.
Hehe... identity i shall not disclose. but hint is only drink mineral water. ;p

It was a nice gathering! Thanks ya all! *)

(p.s: can someone kindly remind me whether did i promise not to post photos on fb??
alcohol overdose makes me forget. if not, photos shld be up soon.)


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