Friday, February 27, 2015

#18 Little Twinkle - "I don't want everybody"

Last night before sleep, I was trying to teach Little Twinkle to be appreciative for little things that people did for her...

Me: "God - ah ma made this blanket for you because she loves you. Next time when you see her, you should say thank you."
Little Twinkle: ...
Me: "姑姑 buys this aeroplane for you because she loves you and dotes on you."
Little Twinkle: (appears to have made some conclusion in her small mind and appeared upset) "I don't want everybody. I want mummy loves me daddy loves me. I want two only. I don't want everybody." ( she replied in a whining and troubled tone)
Me: ... (startled and not knowing how to respond)
Me: "Hmmm it's normal for family members to love you and dotes on you..."
Little Twinkle: (sounds more troubled) "noooo, I don't want everybody. I want mummy I want daddy. Two."

Heart melts. Mummy and Daddy loves you too. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

#17 Little Twinkle - First tinge of science knowledge

Just this morning....

Twinkle: Mummy,  my heart here (she points to her left chest where the heart is)
Mummy:... (I was surprised and didn't know how to respond for a while)
Twinkle: Mummy heart here (she continues to point to my left chest where the heart is)
Mummy: wow it's amazing that you know. Who taught you?
Twinkle: my heart beat beat beat (and she makes the heart thumping sound)

I was speechless. Not sure was that from cartoon or school, but I definitely didn't expect that.

(Little Twinkle at 29 months old)

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