Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wedding #5 - Paw Buddy Shines like Star too! :)

After a very long break (oops hehe),
decided to take some time to blog again!
hehe I'm just sooo hardworking! (like real.. haha)

So...My beloved paw buddy JJ needs a sweet dress for my wedding day too!
And I have some AMAZING discoveries after googling!

Doggies have GORGEOUS wedding dresses too!
Here are some:

This is way soooooooo sweet! loves loves the colour..

I heart tutu dress! Yipeeee!

lacey wedding dress!
white and pink goes well too!

hot and chic!

This one is very classy! Looks like a royalty!

Suitable for high tea party! haha

Another sweet pink with tulle and floral details!

Japanese style dress!

Hehe... Guess which dress JJ is going to wear on my actual day?
Look out for fashionable JJ on that day ya! haha... :)


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