Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wedding #4 - We heart firefighter!

This is one of the photos we've received from a recent trial studio photoshoot.
Finally posted! :) After promising a few friends that i would post very soon... Hee.. Sorry!

As this was our first studio photoshoot, we did not know what to expect and left all the decisions to the image consultant (On a side note, he's pretty good looking. ;p). And he said "I have a GREAT image for both of you!". Next thing we know, he came with 2 fire fighter uniforms (Yes, they provided all the costumes even shoes). This was rather refreshing to both of us i would say. Thought he would dress us up as princess and prince or those lifestyle shots.

 The photographer uncle was very professional and endearing too! He would tell us what to do and was very encouraging such as "Yes yes, this is what i want... Veryyy good!" etc. Many fun and laughter during the shoot. No stress at all which was simply amazing!

Overall, we felt...
Firefighter is an extremmmely exciting job! *blush* :)


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