Monday, February 28, 2011

Wedding Banquet #2 - More details ironed out for a Sweet Afternoon Affair

Thumb of rule - They said you have to involve parents in the banquet planning...

Detail #1
After a really lengthy discussion with parents,
we have decided to hold our banquet in the noon,
to cater to the convenience and needs of my overseas relatives.
So everyone would be happy with a radiant smile. :)

To all our dear friends, kindly leave ur noon free for us please.
We are going to have a sweet afternoon celebration!

Detail #2
As we have some rather senior guests,
we need to charter a coach / bus to send them to and fro.
Anyone with lobang for bus chartering, kindly let us know please.

Detail #3
After some 'intimidating' encounters with bridal shops at wedding fair
 where they just refuse to let u go if u did not sign on their package,
(a taiwan BS even used the tactic of making us guilty saying that we "did not give face" etc)
we have finally signed our bridal studio package!
Hehe, we actually started searching only this week. *blush*
It's with SG Bridal House.
We were initially keen with WhiteLink.
It's more of a "We are tired, let just settle it fast" manner,
not that it's superior over the other BSs since we visited merely 3.
Sheryl and Huimin, we are impulsive again. Haha... Oops.
But we were not alone, 'Mr Nice Guy' parents were with us.
So hopefully it was a 'good' deal.
We like this photo below, pray that ours be as good or better. Hee...

Update #4
Met Ben & wife, Sylvia and Jason for chillout,
they and our other friends have shared good insights about hotels,
hopefully the venue would be settled by next weekend.

Yipee, after that we can take a rest from the challenging banquet planning.
Oh ya, we need to work on our diet plan too!
'Mr Nice Guy' said he's really really determined... ;p


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