Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby Little Twinkle #1 - Saying Hello at Week 11

Haven't been blogging for some time esp since my pregnancy...

For a first time mum, it hasn't been an easy learning journey - to really get used to having a baby and knowing the roles of a mummy... From Baby N's 4th week onwards, doctor diagnosed her with colic (stomach wind), reflux and constipation. And the colic attack only occured at night (rather peculiar), so she tends to be fussy at night. I used to carry her and walk around the house at night, when everyone else is sleeping. At one time, doc advise her feeding to be every 2.5 hrs, which was extremely tiring because she doesn't always fall back to sleep after feeding. And on top of that, I have to use the pump for breastmilk. That was really a tiring period. But I'm really glad that i managed to survive the first 2 months, many thanks to family and close friends for their support. :p

Here's our adorable baby N (aka Little Twinkle) saying hello :) Happy to say that she managed to sleep through the night now, and only wakes up at around 4-5 plus for milk. Hooray!


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