Saturday, December 28, 2013

Little Twinkle #8 - Homemade pasta for Baby

Little Twinkle has been rather fussy with her food lately, since she's been eating porridge since she was 6 months old (though with various permutations e.g fish with vegetables)! Guess she's really tired of porridge YET AGAIN! Hehe

So we have decided to make pasta for her lunch today! We have given her pasta before today too, but at that time (about 11-12 months old) she couldn't really chew well and thus didn't really like it.

Tadah!!! We made home-made tomato-based salmon with broccoli pasta. *burps* Delicious yet without any salt or sugar, perfect for baby and young toddler! *feeling accomplished*

Little Twinkle finished almost all of the pasta, with only about 2 spoonfuls left. Yippee! Maybe we cooked slightly more than what she can take. Haha... But still really happy that Little Twinkle loves the pasta! :)

Got this recipe from a mummy on a Facebook group that advocates healthy eating for baby, who learns this recipe from her Italian friend (also a mummy!). Thus we used herbs such as Basil and Rosemary today as per the recipe.

Also got the above olive oil (for cooking) and extra virgin olive oil (for salad) from Cold Storage. Hehe the little hand on the right is Little Twinkle trying to reach for the olive oil. Have been contemplating to get it for Little Twinkle's dishes but was rather lazy to think of other dishes other than porridge (hehe porridge is so easy to make!). So now that I got this, I guess I have to be hardworking and starting looking for new recipes for Little Twinkle's dishes.

This was Little Twinkle trying to get my attention when we were in the kitchen making her pasta. Drama queen right? Haha!

Her many cheeky expressions as usual when we were playing!

Little Twinkle trying to mimic what we do when we talk on the handphone! LOL

On a side more, I discovered a really good iPhone application for blogging on the go. So now I don't need a laptop to blog, I can blog while watching my cheeky Little Twinkle buzzing around. Perfect for mummy with busy toddler! Haha...

I been wanting to blog our Europe trip and taiwan trip for memories sake, but just couldn't find time to do so. Guess it would now be possible with this app! Hehe :)

And that's our last Saturday of year 2013 - a lazy one!

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