Thursday, March 13, 2014

Little Twinkle #10 - Groceries Shopping!

Last night after work, our helper told me of an emergency - Little Twinkle's milk powder was running dangerously low!! So we immediately rush down to Cold Storage right after dinner.
On mission to obtain milk powder
Didn't know the Cold Storage at Great World City is huge! Little Twinkle was pretty excited and pointing to items that she saw, touching them, saying their shapes / names / colors (with whatever vocab that she has). It was pretty amazing to see how she tried to communicate what she saw!

There's a whole big section all catered to baby products and food! And much more varieties of baby yogurts that I don't see at other supermarkets as well! *pleasantly surprised* Little Twinkle didn't really fancy the previous yogurt (yobaby brand) that i bought for her, so it's great that there are other choices over here that she may actually like. :)
Yobaby brand
- Little Twinkle tried and doesn't fancy it
Yotoddler brand
Vaalia brand
Rachel's brand
Mundella brand
I got the Mundella brand (pear flavour) for Little Twinkle to try given 1) it's the lowest sodium content, 2) I thought pear flavour would be refreshing (as Little Twinkle didn't really like vanilla), 3) the size is small enough for her to try out. Hopefully she will like it. :)

Little Helper at work
Nowadays Little Twinkle is always very willing to help out with tasks, so we always try to let her help with small chores (i.e. carry the lightest item - a pack of batteries in this case) and she would be most happy to oblige.  Good for us too :)

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