Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kim Tian HDB #8 - Our HDB Second Appointment

We gotta our house keys on my BDAE!
Timing just nice right?

This day was also the auspicious day for the 'open door ceremony'!
See us tugging our barang barang for our new house.

Pic above: The logistics personnel 

Pic above: Arrival at Toa Payoh HDB Hub

Pic above: HDB insurance purchase and waiting for our queue number to be 'called'.

We are on time! Unbelievable? haha...
Professional Francis reached earlier than us, but seller was late.

So we went up to 2nd level to purchase the Etiqa Homeowners Enhanced Insurance 
(inclusive of fire insurance) first.
See the scanned doc below for more details.
Pic above: Details of Etiqa Homeowners Enhanced Insurance 

Pic above: Receipt for the 5 years insurance policy

After purchasing the insurance, we went down to 1st level to wait for seller
while Francis went to get our queue number.

Ok, our queue number is 8032, in case any friends interested to buy 4D.
My mum bought it on that following Saturday, but never win leh.

So while waiting....

Pic above: Trying to act not excited... haha

Seller was still not here when it's our turn.

Not sure whether she was having a last minute change in mind, don't want to sell to us?
Strangely, during our HDB inspection visit, she asked us a few times whether we wanna forgo the unit.
Said we first timers may be disadvantaged due to the new HDB rules.
But we were told by others maybe she regretted selling?
As she has just upgraded to private property, but the new HDB rules disallowed people with private property to buy resale HDB unit? Hmm... dunno...
Francis later told us that she was caught in a meeting.

Pic above: Getting keys for new house!

We met Derek again, our friendly and smiley HDB officer.
He doesn't frown when i snapped here and there too.
He was busy calling the seller's representative when we reached.

Pic above: Final Resale HDB Agreement

Yes, and we finally gotta our keys!
Most most expensive purchase in our life so far!

Thereafter, we immediately headed back to our new house.
We arranged for the utilities person to come, scared we may miss him.
But too bad, it was raining really heavily, so had to drive slow.
It was heavy rain on our HDB first appointment too!

Pic above: Heavy rain when leaving HDB Hub

Pic above: Opening door of our house first time

We didn't catch the utilities guy in time.
So we arranged for him to come the next day,
coz we need electricity for a mini alcohol party. hee...

Nevertheless, 'Mr Nice Guy' managed to on our water source
after some DIY tips from the PUB officer on phone.
Wah! Expert!

To share with future home-owners, our expenses during our HDB second appointment are:
1) Etiqa Homeowners Enhanced Insurance for 5 years = S$375.5 (Nets)
2) Pro-rated Property tax (Oct-Dec) = S$52 (Cash)
3) Agent fees


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