Friday, October 8, 2010

Plus Size Dress

Have been shopping around for Plus Size dresses...
For Dear Mummy and Sis.
It's a challenge i must say.

1. Short sleeve (No sleeveless or the Korean type long sleeve)
2. No focusing too much on waist

Found some plus size dresses on Taiwan yahoo though, but not very ideal yet.
Not sure whether they can fit too.
The website does provide sizes, but the models are ALL skinny, very difficult to imagine leh!
And the sizes provided do not perfectly match the measurements i did for Mummy and Sis! :(

Anyone has any idea WHERE else to buy Plus Size Dress pls???

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
I quite like this one. It's short sleeve and doesn't focus too much on the waist.
But the sizes are B 45 inch, W 47 inch, L 73cm and non-stretchable.
Seems too short for Sis?

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
The website states 手工量測.會有2CM的誤差...
2 cm difference means 2cm bigger or smaller?
Maybe should not choose the 'Just Nice' size then?

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
Size doesn't fit perfectly as per measurements.
Looks quite elegant, but not sure how the material will look like in real life.

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
Material looks thick.
Wonder will it look weird if without the inner black top and boots etc?
Size doesn't fit perfectly as per measurements too. :(

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
I like the red! Looks cheerful! :)
Is it too young for Mummy?
L 76cm seems short?

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
Looks elegant.
But will it still looks nice without the belt? Hmm...

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
Elegant dress!
But waist is a tab too small for Mummy! :(
Mummy loves this though..

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
No measurement on waist?

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
Dreamy look! Hehe.. I put this for fun only.
Mummy faints when she sees this.

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
Too young?

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
Mummy said puffy sleeves will make her look even more puffy... Hmm...

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
This looks really kawaii!
But shoulder size seems small for Sis.

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
I like the color! :)

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
Likes the flowery design at the collar.
Wonder can we alter away the end tight sleeve holes?
Inner white layer seems short?

Mummy kept popping into my room...
during commercials in-between her favourite taiwanese show on channel 8...
to see whether i have got any good finds. Haha...

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
The waist area is elastic!! Marvellous!
But this dress is really short, definitely has to go with pants/legging. Hmm...

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
The really LOW v-neck is... smoking hot!! Haha

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
Waist area is elastic!!! :)

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
Hmm... Not easy to bring out the style.
Size doesn't fit perfectly as per measurements too.

(Credit: TW Yahoo)
Waist is a tab too small. Hmm...

The models are all SUPER SKINNY right?
Seriously how to imagine whether it looks nice on buyer if buyer is not AS skinny as the model?


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