Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Little Twinkle #4 - First Combo Sickness at 8 months old

I have been wanting to blog but just could not find any time to do so...I am typing this after I put Little Twinkle to sleep, while Mr Nice Guy is outside playing his new PlayStation  that we got from HK recently.

(on a side note, I am excited to share that Mr Nice Guy got me a really gorgeous pink controller for PS, but I haven't have the time to test out my new pretty tech toy. :))  Please recommend if you have any cute and fun PS games ya.

It's really not easy finding time to do our own stuff now... arh I think friends who read this will start nagging me that parenthood is about commitment and sacrifices etc. So my everyday schedule now is like weekday mornings rush to feed her, change diaper, play with her for a while before going to work. After work rushing home to spend some time before her bedtime at 9+pm. Then on weekends I am taking care of her on my own and she definitely needs constant attention because she is just SOOO active! (i wonder is that a good trait to have? haha)

And just last month she had a terrible cough, flu, diarrhea, vomit.. I think it's the same virus that got to my mother-in-law as well (she was also so sick that she can't get out of bed for 2 days), so I have to take 3 days leave to take care of Little Twinkle - she was oh so pitiful and cranky.

Unwell Little Twinkle constantly wanted to be carried and will cry THAT bad if she's not being carried.
Little Twinkle having high fever about 38.9 degree Celsius while waiting at the clinic 
Tired mummy and baby waiting at the clinic for 3+ hr
I'm happy to say that I will be trying to bring Little Twinkle out on my own to meet up with my buddies this Saturday. Please commend me for my courageous thought.  It will be a first experience for both of us. Hope all will work well. Hahah...
P.S: While I am about to end this post, Mr Nice Guy is now working out with his dumbbell of 10kg at a weird timing 12.22am. Haha... we can only do our own stuff at such weird timing now. Oops, think I heard baby N whining, it's time for her dream feed. ;)

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