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Baby Little Twinkle #5 - Birthday Letter to My Baby at 1 Year Old

My dearest daughter N aka little Twinkle,

I can hardly believe it's already been 1 week after your 1 year old birthday! It seems as though it was just yesterday that Doctor Jeanette Tan placed you in my arms and congratulated me and your Daddy. I remember how tiny you were, at 3.03kg. You fit just perfectly in my arms, though, and I know that you were always meant to be mine. 

Daddy remembered the first time when he sees you, your big eyes were sparkingly with curiosity, and seems to be eager to explore this interesting world. Daddy took photos of you, take your weight, count your fingers and toes while you looked into his eyes as though you already know he is your Daddy.

Arrival of Little Twinkle into our world 
Your english name came about from the movie Avengers. Daddy turned around to Mummy in the theatre and said "Don't you find this name nice and it rhymes with your english name? And the character is so brave, smart and beautiful. I hope my daughter would be like her." And that's how we decided on your name.

Daddy and I were discussing beforehand about having baby before 30 years old but I was still in a state of disbelief when I found out that I was pregnant. That was about 5 days after my grandpa (who is your great grandpa) passed away and I have not got over the loss. I don't think it's a coincidence that I lost him and found you at around the same period. In fact, I think he send you to me as he knew that you were exactly what I needed. And you are.  

Those first weeks after we brought you home weren't easy for me. Honestly, they were the hardest weeks of my life, and I cried several times.  But eventually, we began to understand each other. I gradually began to feel more confident, and you were so adorable that it helped me to adapt to my new role. And every day, I found myself falling more and more in love with you. And to this day, I am surprised and awed by how deep that love grows.

Adorable Little Twinkle at 1st month
Your birthday is a special day to us because you came to our life, and I hope you will always remember how immensely happy and thankful we are to have you.

At your 1 year old birthday party, the theme was "Twinkle twinkle little star" because you are always captivated by this nursery rhyme. When you were 1+ month old, daddy managed to find out through trial and error that you would miraculously stopped crying upon hearing this song, even until today. Your birthday cake was inspired by the video "Twinkle twinkle little star" by Super Simple Songs. When you saw the cake, you kept looking at the cake and pointing at star and owl as though you find them familiar. And when everyone started singing birthday song for you, you looked pleasantly surprised and turned around to look at everyone, then at your cake, and then turned around to smile at Daddy and me. That was magical, it's as though you understand what was going on! And when birthday song ended, you clapped really happily along with everyone. Your  1000 watt smile captured the hearts of all the guests.

Daddy and I were so pleased when the first item you chose during the 周抓 tradition at 1 year old is a doctor's stethoscope. You followed on to choose piano, then ham (in replacement of chicken drumstick as we can't find one at late night). We would be ultra proud of you if you graduate with your doctor's certificate and the real ability to bring relief to people as a doctor. Of course this traditional game may not be accurate and you will decide for yourself one day where your real passion lies in, but we know that you can go far and we would always be proud of you and be there for you!

For the last year, we have watched you learn and grow every day. You are a courageous baby who loves challenges and never stop learning to reach your goals. We hope this fighting spirit will always remain in you and you will not bow to obstacles easily in the future. You learned to flip successfully at 14 weeks. And sit upright at 6 months old. At around 8+ months old you have been trying to stand unassisted and pushing away our hands even though your legs are not quite as strong as you think they were. Despite that, your arms were certified by Daddy to be super strong as you managed to climb up sofa at around 8 months old. Daddy called you "Spider girl" because you love to climb. You learnt to climb down our bed yourself without any guidance at 10 months old, which amazed all of us! At 1 year old you are extremely mobile, either by crawling on the floor on walking by holding on to furniture or our hands.  

You are so loving. You give the very best kisses, and I love every second of our snuggle time. You adore all of our family members - Daddy, me, 太婆, 爷爷, 奶奶, 公公, 婆婆, 姨姨, 姑姑, 叔叔, your cousins and our domestic helper. You were looked after by 太婆, 爷爷 and 奶奶 on weekdays, and then by 公公, 婆婆, Daddy and me on weekends - this arrangement is because everyone loves you dearly (and will always do) and hope that you would be familiarize with everyone in the family. Please take good care of grandparents when you are older because they look after you like a precious gem. At just 1 year old, you've learned how to rough play with Daddy and love interacting with the other kids. You always giggle loud when Daddy or me blow into your tummy. And you make us laugh with your new antics every day.

You love bath and swimming. We brought you to swim a few times - 1st time at Sentosa beach, 2nd time at a hotel swimming pool in Kuala Lumpur, 3rd time at Rainforest Kidzworld (the water play area in Singapore Zoo), 4th time at hotel swimming pool in Phuket, 5th time at Port of Lost Wonder (a water theme park for kids at Sentosa). At 11+ months old, you already know how to kick your legs in the water (like swimming frog style) when we said "kick kick". However, you dislike sand and cries/ sulks every time we tried to put you down on the sand at Sentosa beach at 10+ months old. Daddy is looking forward to build sand castle with you as the first attempt at Phuket beach was unsuccessful, and Daddy attributed it to the softness of the sand.

You love animals. At 9+ months old, that was your first time seeing a pony and you were full of giggles and was so eager to touch the pony. You feed goats and baby elephant at 10 and 11 months old respectively, and was equally excited about it. You would smile and point every time you see a dog or bird. We been to the Zoo and you were full with smiles. River Safari, on the other hand, did not quite catch your attention.

You love balls - rolling them across the floor and crawling to retrieve them, throwing them, chewing on them. You will always be delighted to see a ball, no matter big or small.

You seem to have an internal sensor for smart phones and Ipad - you love to chew, toss, turn up and down to inspect the phone, press the home button or look at your photos in my phone smilingly.   

You are an on time baby. Since 10+ months old, you would poo in the potty every morning after your milk and Daddy claimed that he would smell your poo every time he opened his eyes and he would feel weird if he misses it one day.

Your first babble / words were "ma ma ma ma pa ma ma". Mummy's friend said you are very sensible because you did not leave out either of the parents. At 1 year old, you are able to say "papa" and "mama". Your index finger is your best friend currently, and you like to point at things that you like or want. And  you also point correctly when we asked you where is太婆, 爷爷, 奶奶, 公公, 婆婆, 姨姨, 姑姑, 叔叔, storybook, ball, and many other items. Mummy is so looking forward to the time when you can tell  us about what you see / learn/ eat / feel.

Daddy and I have learnt so much from you and will continue to do so for the years to come. We are so thankful to be your Mommy and Daddy. Sometimes I wish I could press a pause button so that you wouldn't grow up too fast and will always be in my arms like when you were a little baby. I love you, my sweet 1 year old. Grow up strong knowing that Daddy and I will always be here for you.

Thank you, sweet baby, for every smile, every giggle, and every sparkle in your eye.

Love always,

Mummy and Daddy

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