Sunday, October 13, 2013

Little Twinkle #6 - She can walk on her own and some updates

Mr Nice Guy (MNG) wanted me to commemorate yesterday (11.10.2013) as the day in which he officially recognized that Little Twinkle can walk on her own (at 14 months)!!! He went back home earlier and saw Little Twinkle walking around the house on her own (without any support!!!). When he tried to hold her hands, she refused and insisted walking independently. Mr Nice Guy was so touched and lost for words by her courage and persistence that he kept asking me to remember this date on my blog - he has been reminding me about it repeatedly in case i forgotten or was too tired/lazy to blog.

To celebrate this big milestone of Little Twinkle, we decided to put together the various video clips of her learning steps towards independent walking. Both of us love the video clip but MNG find it a bit plain without any music, in which i do not know how to insert music at different intervals. LOL. Nevertheless I will just upload this "somewhat plain" video for us to remember this very day! :)

The weekend following our return from Europe trip was a busy one. We went to a colleague's housewarming party on Saturday's afternoon and the 3 nats met again (all the girls' name start with nat that even sometimes I get confused... haha). Coincidentally, it was Little Twinkle's afternoon nap time then. You can see in the first pic (of the 3 girls together), she was looking sooo tired when we just reached. Luckily the gracious host allows Little Twinkle to take a 1+ hour nap in her bedroom, and Little Twinkle was back to her happy self after her dutifully nap. :)

The 3 Nats

Little Twinkle sleeping soundly at the gracious host's bedroom

The girls found Little Twinkle sleeping, and was wondering whether to wake her up ;)
Thereafter, we went to a little boy's baby shower. Seeing how tiny a 1 month old baby is makes us realise that Little Twinkle is really growing fast! Mr Nice Guy used to be able to carry her in one arm, but nowadays he kept exclaiming that he's breathless after carrying Little Twinkle for a short distance. Haha... The elder brother Cyrus (about 5 months older than little Twinkle) was very friendly and wanted to hug Little Twinkle several times. Little Twinkle, on the other side, appears to be rather cool. haha...

Mr Nice Guy carrying the 1 month old baby in one arm easily.

Friendly Cyrus and Little Twinkle
On Sunday, my cousin and family came into Singapore to do some shopping and swing by our place to visit us. Below are pics of Little Twinkle and Yu Xuan (2-3 weeks older than Little Twinkle).
Yu Xuan and Little Twinkle
Little Twinkle also attended her first class, but we were prohibited to take any pictures during the class. Also visited a girlfriend who just gave birth to an adorable little boy Caleb, but we didn't take pictures then as we did not want to disturb Caleb who was sleeping.

On a side note, Mr Nice Guy and I have completed our first homework for Little Twinkle. We have made another step in parenthood! LOL. The task is basically to draw and colour 4 items starting with alphabet "A" and "B" respectively. See our great masterpiece below - drawing by MNG and coloring by me! :)

The first homework!
Lastly, this is a collage of Little Twinkle with her favourite scooter at the moment. Loves the rainbow dress that she's wearing - we got it from the Phuket trip in July. A little suntan beach babe :) (p.s: Little Twinkle has been quite tanned since the Phuket trip and most people don't dare to tell us that she's very tanned, so they normally ask us "did you all often bring her for swimming?" *chuckles* )

Little Twinkle with her favourite scooter

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