Friday, September 17, 2010

Dairies of a JieMei #1 - YH's BIG day set!

One of my dearies just told me that her Wedding Banquet Day is set! Yipee!!!

And I'm invited to be her 'Jie Mei' (sister).
Of course i agreed straight away! So honored!!!!
This is my first time to be jiemei for one of my dearies!

These photos were taken on YH's Solemization day.

Pic above: Gorgeous Bride YH

The sweet bouquet is the great masterpiece by talented JL. It's amazing right?
I can never create something as amazing as that!
Great work gal, can consider sideline. hehe :)

Pic above: Me and Dearie YH

Pic above: The whole crew with Prince charming and Cinderella :)

Pic above: The great love between Prince Charming and Cinderella

Kawaii and sweet pic right? :)

Pic above: The gals and the bride

Looking forward to YH's BIG day! :)


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