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Joyous Wedding Celebration of Francis & Yvonne @ 1-Altitude

'Mr Nice Guy''s close Buddy Francis got married this month at 1-Altitude, the World's Highest Alfresco Bar!
CONGRATS to Francis & Yvonne! :)
The Wedding was Oh So... unbearably Gorgeous, Lavish And Sweet!

And this was 'Mr Nice Guy' and my first time going to a more westernised-style wedding... Very Unique!

Pic above: Fairytale-themed caricature of the blissful couple at the entrance

A little background on 1-Altitude:
1-Altitude towers at 282 meters above sea level, officially the highest point on Singapore as of today.
Higher than Marina Bay Sands (which is 200m high) leh! Woof!
1-Altitude occupies level 61-63 (the roof) of the OUB Building, comprising 3 unique concepts.

Pic above: Rooftop at UOB Bldg - 1-Altitude

On L61, there's 282 and City Golf.
282 is an interactive sports entertainment venue with LCD televisions screening international sports programs. Perfect place to catch up on the latest sports updates and news.
City Golf is Singapore's highest golf venue, where golfers can tee off from up to 65 world championship golf courses  on the advanced simulators, accompanied by tasty tapas and up to 100 different kinds of whiskey.
Eh, we didn't really check out this level coz were too pre-occupied with the gorgeous wedding.
Pic above: 282 at Level 61 UOB Bldg

Pic above: City Golf at Level 61 UOB Bldg

L62 has Stellar, a chic restaurant serving modern cuisine.
Menu was designed by 1-Rochester’s Group Executive Chef Christopher Millar.
Also includes patisserie selection from 1-Caramel.
This is where the Wedding Dinner is held! Very CLASSY!
If you sat beside the windows, you will have a spectacular city view while dining. :)
Pic above: Stellar at Level 62 UOB Bldg

On L63 (the rooftop) is 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar.
Highest al-fresco gastrobar in the world. Very sophiscated yet relaxed feel!
Pic above: 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar at Level 63 (the rooftop) UOB Bldg

Be prepared for massive LOADS of photos. ;p

Pic above: Charming Francis on his carriage to fetch Princess Yvonne happily.

Pic above: Henchman 'Mr Nice Guy'.

Henchman 'Mr Nice Guy' was down with high fever the preceding 2 days. What lousy timing yeah?
Hence the kinda pale look.

Pic above: Waiting for the arrival of Charming Francis and his Princess Yvonne

Pic above: Me, the royal assistant for the royal henchman 'Mr Nice Guy'. Haha

Pic above: The Royal Arrival!

Pic above: Charming Francis and his Princess Yvonne. Sweet Bliss.

Off the carriage went to the royal venue 1-Altitude!

However when our royal carriage reached UOB building,
apparently the promised valet parking service was not around yet??
As more cars arrived, we had to park at the side of the 1-way lane in front of UOB building, 
thus ran the risk of obstructing vehicle and human traffic. Hmm...

Pic above: Royal carriage and friend's car awaiting for valet service at the side of the one-way lane

We waited for quite some time at the roadside as more and more friends' cars arrived,
before the issue was finally resolved. Imagine the weird looks from the passerbys.
I was appalled and wondered is this really the service of 1-Rochester Group?
Hopefully, the management of 1-Altitude will look into that.
Wonders was there a little gift for the couple as a compesation for the hiccup? Hmm...

We then went up to Level 63 (the rooftop) for the Solemnization Ceremony.
OMG, It was AWESOME! So High up, so Spectacular view!
Pic above: The spectacular view from Level 63

Pic above: 1-Altitude Bar

Pic above: Cozy seats accompanied with wonderful over-the-top view

Pic above: 'Mr Nice Guy'

Pic above: Sweet and romantic cage tied delicately with the rings

Pic above: White and pink centrepiece... Sweet!

Pic above: JP's tag

Pic above: Trial run of the ceremony

Pic above: Getting ready for the father-hand-over-princess walk-in

Pic above: Starting-to-get-nervous groom

Pic above: JP Teo Chong Tee getting ready for the holy ceremony

Pic above: Nervous Groom

 Pic above: 'Mr Nice Guy' also noticed the nervous groom. haha... 
While others looked forward to the walk-in of the bride.

Pic above: Super nervous groom. ;p

Pic above: Bride's dad accompanying princess to her prince

Pic above: Groom's parents looking at the walk-in delightfully.

Pic above: Finally! See how happy our prince is.

Pic above: Gorgeous wedding couple Francis and Yvonne

Pic above: The kiss :)

Pic above: Witness the magic!

Pic above: Ceremony proceeds

Pic above: Happy family

Pic above: Opening the Champagne bottle

Pic above: Groom exerting his muscular force

Pic above: Champagne popping! The bottle cork hit right onto the photographer in front. Oops.
Groom is way toooooooo strong! Haha.

Pic above: Charming groom with the first glass of wine

Pic above: Guests enjoying themselves at the rooftop

Pic above: Awesome evening view

Pic above: Top-down evening view

Thereafter, the wedding dinner is held at Stellar at Level 62. Posh and class!

Pic above: Dining by the window while overlooking the spectacular view

Pic above: 'Mr Nice Guy' still feeling feverish. Poor boy.

Pic above: white and pink centrepieces on all tables

Pic above: Mystical silver bell as wedding favor.
Everyone raised their bells representing their best wishes for the couple when the groom and bride walked in. Good idea!

The words were thought of by the couple themselves. Originality!
Princess Yvonne said the words were from the bottom of their heart. Sweet!

Pic above: Fine dining tablewares

Pic above: The bar

Pic above: The open-concept kitchen

Pic above: Ceiling Deco

Pic above: Restaurant Deco

Pic above: Jeremy and his wife

Pic above: The Wedding Menu

Pic above: First dish - Antipasti Platter

First Dish - The Antipasti Platter includes:
Smoked Salmon with Caper and dill cream sauce
Grilled squid with coriander and lime
Roast button mushroom with lemon and herbs
Vine tomatoes with mozzarella and basil
Salmon and mushroom were not bad. :)

2nd and 3rd Dishes - Salads include:
Traditional Caesar salad with parmesan and crispy bacon
Tiger prawn salad with avocado and pinenuts
I forgotten to take photo for the salads. Oops.
Prawn was ok.

Pic above: 4th dish - Cream of Mushroom

4th dish - Cream of Mushroom was quite bland i thought.

Pic above: 5th dish - Penne pasta with prawns, squid, snapper fillet and spicy tomato sauce

5th dish - pasta was ok, prawns etc were fresh.

6th dish - Provencale chicken with tomato and olive

6th dish - I don't take chicken meat, but the guys barely finished the dish.

Pic above: 7th dish - Red snapper tagine with dried fruits and almonds

7th dish - our table didn't finish this dish either.

8th dish - Roasted baby vegetable with pesto.
I forgot to take pic again! Oops.
But our table was no veg lover.

Pic above: 9th dish - Saffron rice

9th dish - quite nice and unique!

Pic above: 10th dish - Beef

10th dish - We absolutely love this, that we even asked if there's a 2nd serving. Oops! Haha...
 Apparently the staff told us this is a famous dish.

Pic above: 11th dish - Dessert platters from 1-Caramel

11th dish - quite nice! Heard their creme brulee is famous. I find it's ok.

Pic above: Handsome dudes James and Ben

Pic above: Mr Nice Guy and Me

The wedding was sweet and awesome!
Great effort! We are very honored to be invited too. Thanks!
We love the classy wedding favour, they are hanging in my room now. 
We wish both of you Blissful Marriage and Happiness Forever. :)


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