Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kim Tian HDB #6 - Checklist for HDB Inspection prior to second HDB appointment

HDB's website states that at the 2nd appt "The buyer confirms that the flat has been vacated and its condition is acceptable… … After the signing of the transfer documents, the flat is legally under the buyers’ names and thus the buyers will be held responsible should anything unpleasant arise.”

As mentioned in our first HDB appt post, our HDB officer Derek has advised us to go for the HDB inspection. Thus I have gathered some info from renotalk, singaporebrides etc forums to do up a checklist, so that we know what we should be looking out during tomorrow's HDB inspection.
Checklist for HDB inspection:
1.  Any unauthorised renovation work or illegal installations?
- Any fittings outside windows
- Corridor fixtures to be "movable" at any time.
Those stuff outside house, are not allowed to be fixed (by means of screw/glue/cement, etc) onto  wall or floor…e.g. rack, pot, stand. Any hook within house is ok, but not OUTSIDE. People like to hang stuff such as flower pot/bird cage/banners outside....obstruct traffic and cause potential danger....  
- Sanitary pipes any leakage/personal modification
- Aircon /sliding/casement window safety issue
- Illegal renovation such as platform too high, boxed up of bomb shelter hole

2.   Any major cracks on the walls? Broken tiles? Big holes on the floor? If it’s visible when u sign the OTP, then seller does not have to rectify.

3.   All unwanted items removed by the seller? As you do not need to inherit any unwanted items.

4.   All the electrical lighting points are working? By switching on all the lights one by one.

5.   Test built-in stuffs to see if they are working?  E.g. instant water heater, aircon, fan, shower screen door, water pipe.

6.   Check to see if all the windows glasses are working fine by opening and closing them.

7.   All the keys to your window grills and bedroom doors are intact by locking and unlocking them.

8.   Check the ceilings and corners for tell-tale signs of water leakage:
a) 'Bubbles' in the paintwork,
b) Paintwork peeling off,
c) Wavy brown stains that forms a circle, and/or
d) Dampness on the ceiling or some crystallised water droplets.

9.   If it is an old estate, needs to take note things like the toilet lower window glass needs to be those types which had embedded wire mesh in the glass panels.
      (eh, I don’t really understand this part, will ask ‘Mr Nice Guy’ tomorrow.)

Reminder/ To-do list:
1.   Ask agent Francis about utilities account. When to apply for electricity, water supply and renovation permit? Fire insurance?
2.   Check whether the house has charms or talismans currently?


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