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#16 Little Twinkle - 1st Day of Playgroup and The Perfect Bag

It's Little Twinkle's first day of (unaccompanied) playgroup - 25 Aug 2014 (Mon)!
First day of playgroup - "Little Twinkle" seems to be coping well and was oblivious to our departure, despite us trying our best to get her attention to say goodbye (wow!). However, after they cleared the toys, "Little Twinkle" started to look out of the door as though searching for us (i think...).
First day of playgroup - the real situation behind the scene...
Being first-time parents, we didn't know what are the essential things to bring. So we packed quite a fair bit into our adult backpack, and bring it to her preschool.  My thumb of rule: it's better to over-pack rather than realised that we miss out something and ended up she kick a big fuss.
At the preschool, we then realised all her classmates have their own kid bag. It's kind of a discipline for them to put their own bag into their own shelf. (some of the little boys even went to take their own bags and bring it to me to help them unzip, which they then take out their "treasure" aka cuddly toy to show me. Haha...)
So immediately after "Little Twinkle's" class (half day on 1st day to try out), we brought her to find her perfect bag at Takashimaya. :))))))
She fell asleep when we reached Takashimaya,  so we decided to look around for her bags first while she sleep. We found 4 bags based on her likes (animals and kitty), durability (i.e. it can last till K2), size (able to put in towel, clothes and water bottle - the necessities as advised by the preschool teacher).
The 4 bags that we have found for "Little Twinkle"...
When she woke up, we excitedly show her the 4 bags that we have found, thinking she would like them.... Haha...
Mummy: look, there's your favourite - owl! Do you like this owl bag? (excitedly pointing to skip hop bags)
"Little Twinkle":  ... ( hesitate in silence)
Daddy: how about the bee? It looks sooo cute! (Pointing to the bee bag, excitedly as well)
"Little Twinkle": hmm...
Daddy thought that "Little Twinkle" agrees, and proceeds to let her carry it on...
"Little Twinkle": (after wearing for 2 seconds)  不要.... (and she proceeds to take off the bag)
Mummy: how about the owl bag?
"Little Twinkle": no...
Mummy: hmm then how about elephant? ( leading "Little Twinkle" to see the 2nd bag that we found)
"Little Twinkle": (ponders for a while and...) no...
After a few rounds, Little Twinkle kept saying no despite the countless of time we tried to "hardsell" the bags.. and suddenly...
"Little Twinkle": this... (and she pulled out a bag that was totally not in our selection... it's a mini pink trolley bag...)
*our eyes roll...*
Mummy: You sure you don't want owl bag or kitty bag?
"Little Twinkle": this... (still pointing to her mini pink trolley bag)
We didn't really expect to buy her a trolley bag, because we thought it's cuter for little kid to have a mini backpack. Haha... so it's a bit "out of our acceptable range" or "out of the box" for us... we tried to introduce her to other backpack and she still insists on having her mini pink trolley bag. (she called it the duck bag even though we are not sure why it looks like duck to her. haha...)
"Little Twinkle" with the mini pink trolley bag that she has chosen - in which she called it the "duck" bag.
Thinking that perhaps she just prefer a trolley bag, we tried to introduce other trolley bags to her. She tested them out and still prefer her "duck" trolley bag. Really determined!!!
"Little Twinkle" testing out other trolley bag, and was still prefer her "duck" bag aka mini pink trolley bag.
Very determined to get her "duck" bag.
It's really interesting to us actually, we thought that she may not really know how to choose, but in the end she chose something totally on her own and stand by her own decision. So we decided to respect her opinion and wanted to buy the bag, but it happened to be the last piece at that moment and was covered with some wear-and-tear scratches. So the salesperson told us that the new stock will be coming in 2 weeks time and she will call us when it's here. So "Little Twinkle" shall continue to use our big bag before her "duck" bag arrives.

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