Sunday, August 31, 2014

Days Without Helper #1

Our helper just took a midnight flight back to her home country to attend to her domestic stuff. So I am now all alone without any help looking after an ultra-active 2 years old.

After attending a wedding dinner and settling down after 12 midnight, I decided to start preparing for tomorrow's stuff  - by  first looking up my recipe book to find an easy-to-prepare soup for her lunch tomorrow (since I don't really know how to cook and has all along been reliant on my helper all along) and started packing her swimming stuff for tomorrow morning session. *yawnz*  

Pork slices with apple soup (loads of Vitamin C)... modified from my recipe book to suit the ingredients I have in my fridge... hopefully it turns out fine... haha

Half-packed bag for tomorrow's morning swimming session... yawnz
Time to sleep now since the day starts really early tomorrow. Hopefully I can tide through the days without helper.

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