Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Little Twinkle #14 - Sweet way of feeding medication

"Little Twinkle" is down with running nose, so I had to feed her medication (Zygtec) last night before her bedtime.
I filled up the syringe with her medication and tried to feed her...
Upon seeing me approaching with the syringe, she immediately lied down on the bed and turned her back towards me, then said "sleep sleep". Indicating that she was going to sleep and thus can't take medication.
I tried to play with her, she giggled and turned around to face me. Then I said "oh "little twinkle" is awake now! Now u can have your medication right?"
And she immediately giggled and turned her back towards me again, saying "sleep sleep".
We tried a few more rounds and she always ended up rejecting my medication by saying "sleep sleep".
Then i thought "oh no, looks like there's no way to let her take medication..."
Out of desperation, I faked a cry.... not knowing how and whether she will respond to my cries.
Her face suddenly turned concerned. She sat up and said "eat eat", followed by opening her mouth for me to feed her with the medication.
Wow I never ever expected that... !!!!
I fed her the medication without any struggle or resistance or cries from her. It's like a breeze.
After feeding, i said to her "thank you for helping mummy to give u medication so easily, mummy appreciates that very much"
And she gave me an ultra radiant smile as thought she understood me. *felt sweetness in my heart*

(P.S: This post has been kept in my drafts for months, and I have only realised today that it has not been posted. LOL.)

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