Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Little Twinkle #13 - Search for Playgroup Continues

We went down to Whitelodge @ loewen garden last friday, before Little Twinkle's doctor appointment.
This is the 2nd time we visited there. As we haven't found any suitable playgroup that met our criteria, so we thought we should re - visit to reconsider our options.
Source: whitelodge.com.sg
Things we like about the school:
  • relatively near home (about 5-8 mins car ride depending on traffic)
  • outdoor playground (we think it's important to have some sun)
  • bilingual

Things that we are considering about:
  • not easily accessible (MIL would fetch her back home in the afternoon while we send her there in the morning. Public transport doesn't really go there and MIL would has to walk some distance, which may not be easy having Little Twinkle near her nap time)
  • doesn't provide lunch or has lunch time (by the time school ends at 12.30 to 1, it's way past her lunch time and at her nap time. Not sure if she's be fine with late lunch/nap at her young age. )
  • seems to have mosquitos.  We were bitten while we are there. And most of the kids have mosquito patches on them. Asked the principal and she said it's better to have them on.

Nevertheless Little Twinkle did had an enjoyable time at Loewen gardens. She had her first try at trampoline and doesn't want to come down when we are leaving. Haha
Her first venture into the unknown ground. Very cautious and not willing to be far from daddy.
Little Twinkle getting more confident on the trampoline.
Enjoying a flying sensation from daddy
(P.S: This post was created on 14-Mar-2014, but has been kept as my draft for months and I've only realised today that I haven't posted it. LOL) 

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