Monday, August 18, 2014

Little Twinkle #12 - Doc Visit at 19 months old

Brought little Twinkle to her supposedly 18 months old vaccination (we went 1 month late... oops!). Hooray, this will be the last compulsory one before she goes primary school. Although Doc Darryl Lim did asked us to consider giving her the vaccination for hepatitis A.
Doc Lim was friendly as usual, with his ultra kid - friendly and cheerful top. He's the only doc in the clinic that wears the cheerful top we realized,  guess it's to make kids feel at ease when they see him.
He asked how many words can Little Twinkle say...I didn't really count before, so i just gave an estimate and said maybe about 30.
Her current vocabulary includes both Chinese and English because different people speak different language to her... those that I can remember are:
1. Mama
2. Papa
3. 奶奶
4. 爷爷
5. 公公
6. Ah ma (for her maternal grandma)
7. 婆婆  (should be 太婆 actually)
8. 姑姑
9. Su Su (for her 叔叔, she's not very good with her  "S" pronunciation)
10. 姨
11. 舅舅
12. Kar kart (Little Twinkle called our helper "sister" in malay because my mum kept referring to our helper as "sister" to Little Twinkle, and our helper was fine with being called the "sister" as well.)
13. giu giu (her version of "thank you" which she pronounced the "you"
14. 谢谢
15. Hi
16. Bye bye
17. Placee (her "please")
18. 好
19. More
20. 不要 (to her grandparents)
21. No (to parents and helper)
22. Mai ("no" in Teochew to my relatives from my mum's side)
23. Milk milk
24. Car
25. Tree
26. Apple
27. Ball
28. Bear
29. Miao miao (she means "cat", she prefers to use miao miao even though she can say "cat" as well)
30. Dog  (to parents and helper)
31. 狗狗  (to grandparents)
32. Full (to parents and helper)
33. 饱饱
34. Two (she skipped "one" and moved to "two" direct)
35. Four
36. Eight
39. Nine
40. Nose
41. Eyes
42. Mouth
43. Ears
44. Head
45. Leg (to parents and helper)
46. 脚 (to grandparents)
47. Poo poo
48. 开
49. Pull
50. Box
51. Out
52. Up
53. roll
54. Go
55. Night night
And she continues to surprise us with her expanding vocabulary... :)
(P.s: this was kept in my draft since 14-Mar-2014, and I just realised I have yet to post it. Haha... )

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