Saturday, August 14, 2010

HK Diary Day 2 - Fa Yuen Street 花园街

Fa Yuen Street market is actually within walking distance from the Ladies’ Market in Sai Yeung Choi St.

But Fa Yuen Street has way BETTER DEALS than the Ladies Market!
Felt that the Ladies Market is mainly for tourist and things are so overpriced.
Fa Yuen St on the other hand is more for their local, things here are much cheaper. The people there are nicer and friendlier too. There isn’t much bargaining needed since the prices are very low to begin with.

Shan and I both prefer the shops on either side of Fa Yuen Street more than the stalls!
Lotsa nice clothes and shoes!

Fa Yuen Street 花园街
Address: Fa Yuen Street
Opening Hours: 11am-10.30pm daily
Payment: Cash only
To get there: Fa Yuen Street - Prince Edward MTR Exit B2, walk 2 blocks of street towards Prince Edward Road West. Pass by Goldfish Market and Fa Yuen Street Market is next lane.
Downside: no fitting room to try the clothes on

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