Sunday, August 22, 2010

Solemnization #4 - Very First Call "Will you be my Solemnizer pls?"

Me: Hello, can i speak to Eric Wong pls? (forgot to say 'Mr'... too nervous!)

JP: Yes

Me: Erm... we would like to invite you to be our solemnizer.

JP: *paused a while* (maybe too shocked by my sudden statement. Oops!) date, time and venue?

Me: 1 Jan 2011, 12 noon, Sentosa's Suburbia restaurant.

JP: *paused a while again* Call me back in 10 mins, and i will check my schedule to let u know.

Me: Ok, sure, thanks alot.

Now waiting for the 10 mins to call him again. *tensed* Ha...


10 mins later i called him, the phone rang for a while... then suddenly "disengaged" tone.
Hmmm... he's busy??

Shifu advised to call him after half an hour. Maybe he was talking to someone else or driving.


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