Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Solemnization #2 - Solemnizer / Justice of Peace (JP)

Been trawling the various forums recommended by dear friends (flowerpod, cozycoz, singaporebrides) for recommendations on solemnizer. Got do work ya! hehe ;p

So last night 'Mr Nice Guy' and I have shortlisted some solemnizers, will be emailing them later! Nervous! Read from some forums that some may appear to be stern on phone or email, maybe because they are all important busy people. Hmm... Pray all will go well.

This is our list... Tadah!
Managed to find pics too, attached the pics here for future brides who may be interested! :)

1. Dr Phua Tan Tee

Pic above: Dr Phua Tan Tee
(credit: eva4stars)

2. Mr Yeo Woon Soo

Pic above: Mr Yeo Woon Soo

3. Dr Kwoh Chee Keong

Pic above: Dr Kwoh Chee Keong

4. Assoc Prof Yu Shi Ming

Pic above: Assoc Prof Yu Shi Ming

5. Mr Gaudette Pierre Paul aka Bro Emmanuel

Pic above: Mr Gaudette Pierre Paul aka Bro Emmanuel

Our requirements are:
1) Being able to speak GOOD English and Mandarin
- is important so that all our BELOVED guests will be able to follow the ceremony. :)
('Mr Nice Guy' cheekily asked me "Does any of them speak hokkien too?" haha... that will be even harder to find - speak GOOD English, Mandarin, Hokkien. We are so demanding! hee.. )

2) Looks friendly
- coz wondering whether we will be nervous then, so maybe a friendly-looking JP can calm us down? Hee...


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  1. hi any know if JP solomnzer
    Dr Phua Tan Tee liecense still valid?any 1 has his contact no>