Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kim Tian HDB #3 - HDB First Appointment: What to expect?

Some of my friends have asked me questions about the first appointment, so this is a continuation to my HDB First Appointment post.

1. What are the procedures on our HDB first appointment?
• Our agent Francis has arranged us and the seller to meet him at the first floor.
• Francis got a queue number for us.

• Waited for around 15 mins before the customer front desk called our queue number. We went forward together with the seller and Francis.
• The seller verified their documents first, then our turn.
• Customer front desk allocate us to a HDB officer on the first floor.
• We waited for almost 40 mins till our queue number was called again to go into a room on the first floor to meet the HDB officer.
• Seller and us went into different rooms.
• Nice friendly HDB officer went through our financial plans with us, explain the resale procedures, and fix the completion date aka 2nd HDB appointment. We then signed many documents.
• Thereafter Francis brought us up to level 3 to pay the COV + Conveyancing fees + Caveat Fee via cheque or nets.

2. Documents to bring for first appointment?
• Original and 3 photocopies IC of both buyers
• HLE / Letter of Offer from bank
• Marriage Certificate or HDB Approval letter to defer the submission of your marriage certificate

3. Will seller know about financial situation of buyer since buyer has to submit income documents etc to HDB officer?
• Seller and us were assigned to different HDB officers, i.e. we went into different room.
• Seller will not know buyer’s financial status as buyer loan was pre-approved. If taking a bank loan, officer need not do a calculation for you again since it was done before 1st appointment by your banker. If taking a hdb loan, officer will meet buyers alone 1st to discuss your monthly installment.

4. Is the second appointment date fixed by the HDB officer? Can the seller / buyer ask the HDB officer to push to a later date?
• For completion, it’s normally 6 to 8 wks (HDB officer sets the date).
• But if any party wanna change date, both sellers and buyers have to agree on the date. Both parties have to draft a letter to agree on this matter.
• For our case, Francis did up a self-written letter on the spot and asked us and the sellers to sign, and ended with his signature.

5. What to expect before second appointment?
• Both Francis and nice HDB officer have advised us to go down to our future home to check at least 1-2 times prior to 2nd appointment if there’s any abnormality such as loan shark wordings etc.
• Then Francis has helped us set a date for the seller to move by then. Once the seller moved, we will have to go down to the unit to do inspection, see whether they have really moved out, took all that belongs to them, doesn’t remove the aircon etc.

We still haven’t fully figure out what to look out for during inspection. Maybe will bring mummys and daddys down with us. Haha... they are more experienced.

Will update on the inspection then! :) Hopefully no complications. *prays hard* Hehe...


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