Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vegetarian Buffet at Lingzhi Novena

Met up with Shifu and Bestie JL
for Vegetarian Steamboat Buffet at Lingzhi Novena!

Pic above: Pretty babe JL!

Pic above: Ever-so-busy and charming Shifu

Pic above: Lingzhi Vegetarian Dishes

For soup base, we chose the herbal soup and yam soup. Both taste nice! :)
Heard JL said there's tom yam soup too.

However, there's limited varieties for the steamboat,
 as compared to the previous Lingzhi outlet at Far East Sq we went few years ago.
We ended up ordering other dishes from à la carte menu too.

Nevertheless, it's the companion that matters most!
We had an enjoyable dinner, hope to meet up often ya :)
Pic above: Me, Shifu and JL


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