Monday, August 2, 2010

Mr Nice Guy's Cozy Birthday Celeb!

Celebrated 'Mr Nice Guy''s bdae last week... We had a cozy celebration with family. :)

Before that, i was thinking of going Universal Studios @ Sentosa Singapore, a chalet party, BBQ, Wild Wild wet etc but ALL were STRONGLY rejected by 'Mr Nice Guy'. He prefers a quiet intimate one... ('Mr Nice Guy' is actually an Otaku aka 宅男 at heart... haha ;p)

Shara ('Mr Nice Guy''s Lil Sis) introduced us to Burger Shack for dinner first. We ordered all the different burgers (chicken, pork, beef, lamb), reviews were not bad. But if you are more of a fish person, sadly they don't have fish burger over there. Apparently Burger Shack is opened by the same people behind Island Creamery, but we were too full after the burgers to stuff in any more Island Creamery ice cream. ha...

Pics above: Burger Shack
(Credit: Ladyironchef)

Thereafter, we had the cake cutting and birthday song at home. Yummy Durian cake from Angie the Choice. :)

Pic above: Happy bdae boy wishing (wonders what's his wish? :))

Pic above: 'Mr Nice Guy'?? Ahem ;p


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