Sunday, August 22, 2010

Solemnization #5 - We got our Solemnizer! Yipee!

About 20 mins later after the 'disengaged' phone call, my hp rang. Unknown number.

Me: Hello...

JP: Eric Wong here. (Wow!! He even called me back!!! So NICE!)

Me: Oh hello! (changed tone to more polite and formal tone, haha.. feeling delighted!)

JP: Just now u were saying 1 Jan 2011 right? What time?

Me: YES! 12 noon! At Sentosa.

JP: Ok, I can make it. (Unbelieveable! *Fireworks behind me*)

Me: Yeah!! (accidentally blurt out)

JP: Which part of Sentosa is it at? (He must be thinking "am i talking to a kid?)

Me: It's at a restaurant called "Suburbia". Erm...Maybe I can send you the map or something?

JP: It's ok. You take down my License number. G for Germany.

Me: Un-huh...

JP: 0238

Me: 0... 2... 3...8... ok!

JP: You need to download the consent form from ROM website, fill in the particulars and fax to this number. (He gave the fax number)

I continued to type the number into a document in my laptop...

JP: You just fax over the form, then drop me a sms and I will submit from my side.

Me: Ok, thanks so much!

JP: What's your name?

Me: Natalie

JP: Ok sure! That will be all.

T-A-D-A-H, we have our solemnizer now!!! YIPEE! *dancing happily around my room*
One thing down checklist! *wink* ;p

In case anyone may be interested, JP Eric Wong is on the right side of the pic! :)


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