Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kim Tian HDB #4 - IKEA Trip + Home Surroundings Visit

We went down to IKEA!
Found some deco ideas. :)

White and Pink Combi! Isn't it sweet and classy?
But 'Mr Nice Guy' gave me a flat 'NO'! :(

Pic above: Cute lil paw prints on wall

A corner dedicated for pets' photos!
hee... can put JJ's (my doggie) and DD's (Mr Nice Guy's doggie) photos!!
Loves the cute lil paw prints on the wall.
Maybe PINK paw prints for us? *grin*
Pic above: Cozy Karlstad Grann White sofa @ S$1699

We always love a white sofa! Gorgeous and classy!
Label states that it's soft, hardwearing and easycare leather which ages gracefully.
BUT it costs S$1699! So expensive!
And white color is difficult to maintain leh. Hee.

Pic above: Cottage-style living room

I heart this vintage living room, looks so cozy!
But 'Mr Nice Guy' prefers a more modern style.
Does this spells a WAR? *evil grin* hehe

Pic above: Pendant lamp @ S$49

Vintage-looking lamp! :):)

Pic above: Study corner

      Pic above: White Ingolf Stool @ S$69                                                          (Credit:

Likes the colonial look of the white Ingolf stool!
Doesn't it looks gorgeous? (Yes! Hehe)
especially if match with a victorian-style closet as shown in the right pic above?

Pic above: Vintage White Kitchen

Pic above: Modern Kitchen

Loves the concept of cooking in the middle of the kitchen. Can have a cooking party!
But too bad our kitchen is VERY tiny, so this concept is out. Sigh. Haha...

Pic above: Kitchen Basin

'Mr Nice Guy' likes the concept of 2 basins side by side.
So no cat fight over one basin every morning. hehe
But i doubt our miniature toilet has the space though, AGAIN. :(

Pic above: Spontan Magnetic Board @ S$25

Either this or a white board!

Pic above: Kolja Mirror @ S$25 per pc

Mirror helps to makes the room looks bigger!

Pic above: delicate lamps

Pic above: one-of-a-kind lamps

Pic above: Adum Off-white Rug 170x240 cm @ S$299

Rugs made of polypropen shed very little.
We like the off-white color. :)
80x150 cm @ S$79
133x195 cm @ S$199
200x300 cm @ S$399

I thought this pic looks really sweet!

Ok, here's the MOST MOST exciting part!!!!

We love how they created a Walk-in Wardrode using a partition!! Marvellous!
I want I want!! Mr Nice Guy, kambate! ;p *smiles bright bright*

After that, we decided to drop by our future house
since we still have some time before next destination.

Top left pic - Wow! For the few visits we went earlier,
we didn't notice the BIG blackish patches on our future HDB block. *shocked*
seems REALLY ugly!
Hmm... i thought Singapore's HDB flats are always very well-maintained?
Hopefully there will be a re-painting or something soon. *prays hard*

HDB second appointment is coming SOON!!! :)


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